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Occitane range

New sales offer

With almost a century's experience in the manufacture of refrigerated display cases, Gibrat is pleased to offer a range of "modular" display cases in a severely impacted economic context, providing access to the brand and its manufacturing quality at a very attractive price with a predefined cabinet size.

We're proud to offer the "Occitane" range of ventilated-cool butchers, with 3 cabinet sizes that can be combined.
The useful depth, loading height and range of options are the fruit of our experience combined with your requirements.

2 types of glass are available: elliptical glass with lift-up mechanism or straight glass with French opening. Anti-fog ventilation system included!

The choice is yours, with or without refrigerated storage.

A short visit to our premises will enable you to appreciate the relevance of this commercial proposal. Don't hesitate, our region is very beautiful, and the proximity of the Canal du Midi will enchant you.

In just a few clicks, you can configure your refrigerated display case on our website.

This model makes it possible to acquire a top-quality product at a very competitive price, all within an extremely short timeframe (4 to 5 weeks).

To meet your budgetary requirements and manufacturing speed, Gibrat offers lease financing with our financial partner for your display case. Backed by quality, Gibrat offers a manufacturer's warranty for the duration of the financing period: 5, 6 or 7 years, as you choose.

This financial "Leasing" offer is intended for end-user customers only.
The end-user (the retailer) rents the display case for the duration of the loan, and becomes the owner at the end of the payment period.

In accounting terms, leasing is considered an expense, not an investment.
The financial partner remains the owner for the duration of the lease only.
Gibrat provides a manufacturer's warranty for the entire rental period! (Except for the 2-year warranty on the compressor).
So, for a monthly rental, your window display budget will remain stable, with no surprises.
This sale is reserved for end-user customers.
Vitrine Elliptique

Elliptical display case

Vitrine Française

French display case

Our modular showcases
Carte de France
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100% recyclable
Panneau solaire
Energy self-sufficient
Vitrine modulable Boucherie noire
Vitrine Panier Inox
Vitrine modulable Boucherie noire arrière
Vitrine modulable Boucherie
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